The oil & gas industry faces extreme challenges to ensure that any produced wastewater and flowback water streams from fracturing processes are treated thoroughly and cost-effectively, minimizing transportation and deep well disposal costs.

Utilizing its unique OsmoF2O™ forward osmosis membranes, FTS can de-water complex feed streams, especially those laden with organic compounds and hydrocarbons like in the oil and gas industry. It can also concentrate to high total dissolved solids (TDS)concentrations in produced water without extensive pre-treatment steps. OsmoF2O™, when combined with HBCR™, treats oil and gas wastewaters, recovering more than 80% as high-quality reuse water, and minimizing trucking and deep well injection costs by up to 80%.

The OsmoBC™ process is ideal for filtering high-fouling feed streams with a high content of non-biodegradable BOD, COD, heavy metals, TDS, and TSS like oil and gas wastewaters. It is also capable of generating drinking water quality permeate without excessive pre-treatment,and without significantly degrading flux (water production)rates for long periods of operation.