FTS’s unique patented OsmoBC™ process, which leverages OsmoF₂O™ FO membrane technology, brings forward osmosis to a wide range of industrial applications including wastewater treatment, food and beverage concentration, landfill leachate treatment and Zero Liquide Dischage(ZLD).

The OsmoBC™ process is ideal for filtering high-fouling feed streams with a high content of non-biodegradable BOD, COD, heavy metals, TDS, and TSS like oil and gas wastewaters. It is also capable of generating drinking water quality permeate without excessive pre-treatment, and without significantly degrading flux (water production) rates for long periods of operation. With today’s stringent environmental regulations, industrial plants are challenged to produce clean water and achieve Zero Liquid Discharge in efficient and economical ways.

How OsmoBCTM FO Membrane System Works?

The OsmoF2O™ FO membrane elements are designed to treat high-fouling feed streams requiring only minimal pretreatment. FTS provides a 100-micron disk filter (INTEGRA™) to remove larger suspended solids and provide pH adjustment if necessary. A sodium chloride solution is used as a Draw Solution(DS). At typical wastewater solution strengths, a concentration factor of 5-20 is achieved with FO, with permeate recoveries of 80% to 95%. FTS’ unique HBCR™ Brine Concentrato from the brine, and the reconstituted brine is returned to the FO system.

The quality of the resulting permeate is improved by using second- or even third-pass HBCR™ Brine Concentrator systems. When the fouling organics and inorganics begin to come out of solution as the waste stream is concentrated, the foulants can be removed and membrane performance recovered by simple osmotic backwashing and flushing. The final permeate can be discharged to nature or used for process water or irrigation. The final effluent has consistently met stringent permit limits, which are based on regional and country’s fresh water quality standards. Concentrate can be solidified (crystallized) and returned to a landfill or discarded via other disposal options.

FTS provides a waste heat driven crystallizer that takes the concentrate from the OsmoBC™ process to crystals.r system extracts the water.


    • Up to 95% recovery, significantly reducing disposal costs
    • Minimum pretreatment needed
    • Concentrate TDS to more than140,000 TDS with no more than 80 bar pressure
    • Only pre-treatment required 100 micron filter and ph adjustment to 6.5
    • Membrane cleaning consisted of daily osmotic backwashing with water and monthly detergent cleaning
    • Permeate less than 500 ppm TDS high enough quality to be used in industrial processes
    • Significantly reduces disposal costs
    • Reliable and consistent operation
    • Stable flux (production rates)