FTS offers advanced treatment technologies to realize the most economical zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions for the most challenging wastewater. The Low Temperature Evaporation Crystallization (LTEC) system has been proven, over the past 20 years, to effectively concentrate wastewater from oil & gas, and electric power applications to achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

The energy-efficient LTEC system utilizes heat from waste and ambient pressure to crystallize and/or concentrate a wide range of high-salinity wastewaters. When used as a complementary treatment process in cooling tower applications, the LTEC system enhances cooling tower efficiency by saving make-up water without scaling. Constructed of durable plastic components, the LTEC system is a modular and portable structure, requiring low capital investment.

  • DCHX heat transfer process uses an intermediary Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF
  • HTF is both a different density and immiscible with waste water (brine)
  • HTF is warmed from waste heat in conventional heat exchangers
  • Warmed HTF is brought into direct contact with the cool brine from the collection sump
  • The warm HTF transfers heat into the cool brine through direct, immiscible liquid to liquid contact; the brine warms and the HTF cools. no solid heat transfer surfaces to scale
  • The immiscible and differing densities of the brine and the HTF promote rapid separation of the cooled HTF and the warmed brine
  • HTF has no solubility for scaling minerals so the cool HTF can safely be returned to conventional heat exchangers for reheat

Low Temperature Evaporative Crystallization

Unique Waste Water Reduction and Crystallization Technology


    • Low Temperature (as low as 35C)
    • Atmospheric Pressure
    • Completely Non-Scaling Heat Transfer Process
    • Concentration or Crystallization
    • Zero Liquid Discharge
    • Operates with Waste Heat
    • Enhanced Cooling for Waste Heat Source
    • Made of Corrosion Resistant Plastic
    • Unique, Simple and Reliable Technology
    • Employs Free Waste Heat
    • Simple and Reliable
    • Operates at Atmospheric Pressure
    • No Heavy Structural Requirements
    • Wetted Components Are Fabricated of Inexpensive, Common Corrosion Resistant Plastics

Major Applications

  • Oil and Gas Industry waste brine reduction and/or solidification
  • Electric Power Industry waste water reduction, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and water use reduction
  • Food Industry Waste Water Reduction, concentration or ZLD
  • Chemical Process Industries Concentration, Reduction, Solidification or ZLD
  • Mining Leachate and Process Water Concentration, Reduction, Solidification or ZLD
  • Airport Spent Deicing Fluid Reduction and Concentration
  • Landfill Leachate Concentration, Reduction ZLD
  • Reverse Osmosis Reject Brine Reduction or ZLD
  • Process Cooling Tower blowdown reduction, makeup water reduction or ZLD
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) reduction/solidification