FTS offers advanced treatment technologies to realize the most economical zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions for the most challenging wastewater. INTEGRATMT™ DISK FILTRATION provides minimum and efficient prefiltration to OsmoBCTM™ membrane systems to realize the Zero Liquid Discharge(ZLD) by using the Low Temperature Evaporation Crystallization (LTEC) system has been proven, over the past 20 years, to effectively concentrate wastewater from oil & gas, and electric power applications to achieve ZLD.

The INTEGRA Disc Filtration System removes suspended solids from 200 microns to as small as 5 microns in a wide array of industrial applications.


  • Ideal for high oil and high solids content wastewater
  • Compact design
  • Robust and non-fouling, less backwashing required
  • Low energy
  • Low OPEX and CAPEX