Forward Osmosis Membranes for Industrial Applications

FTS offers a complete line of membrane filtration products and services centered on Forward Osmosis and High Brine Concentration Recovery. This includes custom system design and engineering, membrane manufacturing, membrane system integration and operations, and full-scale systems implementation.

FTS manufactures Forward Osmosis (FO) membranes in both flat sheet and standard 4 and 8-inch wide spiral-wound element configurations. The cellulose-based membranes have high resistance to fouling and abrasion, making them ideal for treating dirty waste streams and concentrating recovered valuable products. The spiral elements are manufactured in industry standard configurations and dimensions with feed spacer options to allow treatment of virtually any level of contamination in any stream.

The FTS FO industrial product line utilizes low-fouling cellulose membranes. They are easy-to-clean with high flux recovery over many cleaning cycles, providing long membrane life. The 8040 and 4040 series are available in sizes to fit a wide range of conventional membrane module housings.

FTS FO Industrial Membrane FINAL FTSCTA-02

FTS FO Sanitary Industrial FINAL FTSCTA-03

Model Number

Ideal For:

FO-CTA-8040-85 Treatment of high-fouling wastewater such as landfill leachate
FO-CTA-8040-45 Treatment of moderate-fouling wastewater including dirty seawater and other contaminated brine streams
FO-CTA-8040-31 Treatment of low-fouling wastewater such as clean brines
FO-CTA-4040 Smaller volumes and specialty applications such as pharmaceuticals


  • Minimum pretreatment, low CAPEX and OPEX
  • Fouling Resistant
  • Energy Savings
  • Brine Concentration up to more than 140,000TDS
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Ideal for low-pressure and specialty applications