Young girl poses with WaterDrop F2O™

FTS offers a comprehensive product line of portable, personal-hydration forward osmosis (FO) membrane water filters. These revolutionary FO emergency water filters and emergency seawater desalinators filter almost can be applied to any water source (no matter how dirty) to deliver a safe, nutrient-enriched beverage.

These products require no energy or chemical additives, making them ideal for emergency situations,disaster relief, outdoor recreation or military use.

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Ideal For:

WaterDrop F₂O™ This emergency forward osmosis product draws clean water through a high-purity membrane creating a low-cost nutrient beverage for personal hydration
Mariner F₂O™ This lightweight easy-to-use, seawater filter was designed for ocean survival. This desalinator rejects 97% of the salt present in seawater, generating up to a half liter of a high-calorie survival drink.
HighSeas F₂O™ The HighSeas F₂O reusable desalinator rejects 97% of the salt present in seawater, generating up to four liters of a high-calorie survival drink. No pumping or manipulation is required and the pouch is reusable up to eight times.
Ranger F₂O™ Made from plant-derived cellulose, the Ranger’s membrane filter is durable and virtually clog-proof, meaning it can filter water from almost any source. Hand-free filtration and a great tasting drink that will energize you with essential calories and electrolytes.
Taproot F₂O™ The Taproot system is comprised of two 20L water cans. Fill one can with dirty water, attach the syrup pouch that drives the osmotic filtration process … and that’s it! Clean drink will automatically flow into the collection can — no pumping or power source required.


  • Clean, safe, nutrient-enriched beverage
  • Filters almost any water source
  • No energy or chemical additives needed
  • Single or multiple use pouches
  • Multiple configurations with varying volume capacities available
  • In independent laboratory tests FTS technology meets or surpasses the 6-log bacteria (99.9999%) reduction as specified by the EPA for water purifiers